28. February 2018

The Barber Shop

Stephanie found the facebook profile of Salvatore and his barbershop. It was full of portraits of interesting looking men and we agreed to contact Salvatore and propose a shoot. He was very nice and organized the shoot at his barberhshop in Ixelles in Brussels. Arriving there we were welcomed with coffee and fresh croissants by the 4 very friendly gentlemen you see in these pictures.

I was hoping for a great large window with beautiful natural light to take our portraits. Instead it was grey and overcast, the shop window was covered by a scaffolding letting hardly any light inside. in the back of the shop was a window in the ceiling, which provided a little light from the top. All in all, lighting was quite a challenge and for half of the shoot I used the artficial lights of the shop, and half the over head window in the back of the shop. The pictures with the couch are taken with the top window, most others use the artificial light of the shop.

I used the Contax 645 with the 2/80mm handheld (down to 1/15th) and the Hasselblad 501cm on a tripod. Film was Portra 400, Tmax 400 and Rollei Ortho 25 (in the Hasselblad). Colour was processed by Carmencita film lab (you guys are amazing, love the scans – thanks!!)…. black and white by myself.

Enjoy! Many thanks to Salvatore, Marc, Gérald (The Kingsman) and Biaggio. Stephanie made a beautiful backstage video for film-and-friends, you find it at the end of the post.



Jan! This series is incredible! xxx

Hi Jan, beautiful work! I love the mood of the overall series. The shots near the mirror on the washing table are my favorites. Best wishes, Florian.

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