10. August 2011

black rain

Lucie and I have been shooting just a few weeks ago… and already then we talked about another shoot… now luckily her agency (thanks Flag Models!) offered to do another shoot right away… so here we are: we met last weekend in my favorite bed and breakfast in Brussels for a lingerie/ fashion session …. to have some contrast to the outdoor shoot in nature we did last time.

And as we were doing an indoor shoot, the weather was nice of course ( ….an outdoor shoot one day earlier had been cancelled due to rain and thunderstorms). But the nice weather came in quite handy as we had a room facing south with beautiful sunshine in the room…  the nicest fashion lighting, absolutely for free.

I used the Nikon F4  and the Nikkor 1.4/50mm – normally the 85mm was my favorite lens on 35mm… but the 50mm has really taken its place… don’t know why… just lets me capture what I want and see
Kodak Tri-x – developed in HC110 – two rolls I developed in Rodinal for the fun of it. and I think I want to do that more often now…. more comments in the gallery



I am now not certain the place you’re getting your info,
but great topic. I must sspend a whipe learning more or figuring out more.

Thank you for fantastic info I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

The best pictures I have ever seen.

Great set, #8 #16 & #23 are my favourites and bloody fantastic.

This is a superb set. And I think you made the right choice for flickr in black rain and black rain II. The backlight on her breast is sublime.

Beautiful series.
Love the light and the model.

Jon – again, so inspirational. Not only is your work a breath of fresh air in our copy-cat digital world of make believe, it is flat out wonderful.

I love your eye, I love how the models give something that others tend to miss. Your work is testament to the phrase “Camera doesn’t matter” by Ken Rockwell. There is so much that goes on before the shutter is clicked that no amount of mp’s or LR presets will create or fix.

I am hoping to get similar results with my OM-1 and 50 1.8. Probably will shoot Tri-X and HP5.

macht schon Spass deine Bilder durchzuschauen.

I love No. 5 and also no. 26 . Very nice photoshoot! 🙂

Sers Jan,

wie stets einfach fantastische Fotografien. Dein Stil ist herausragend deutlich, er ist schlicht und klar, gibt ruhige, gütige Phantasie. Alle Frauen tragen auf ihren Gesichtern das Gefühl der Geborgenheit: Geborgenheit, die sich durch das Glas auf die schwarze Chemie brennt, damit das bleiben kann, was immer ist- Alleinheit und zarter Zweifel.
Jede Fotografie ist aber auch eine Huldigung an Deine Persönlichkeit: Wenn ein Mädchen so frei sein kann wie zum Beispiel in der obigen Strecke, dann muss der Vertraute hinter der Kamera ein kluger Gefährte sein.
Deine Bilder inspirieren ungemein. Wenn es zu bunt wird im Alltag, dann nehme ich mir eine Auszeit und verliere kurz den Verstand in Deinem spannenden Schwarzgrauweiß.
Gruß aus Bonn

Fantastic series again ! From my point of view, #8 is my absolute favorite. It is very inspiring … I look forward discovering your new work !


Rodinal is beautiful with Tri-x and also with Acros. Try it with Acros exposed at 64 or 80 iso / 1:50 dilution/ 20° for 10 minutes with 2 very gentle inversions every minute. Very nice session too – lots of good pictures.

Fantastic set as always!
Did I understand well – all set is on f/2?

Yes… I had it on f2 most of the time.. could be that I switched to f2.8 a few times…

Very beautiful photography session, staging the melancholy

great job

Great photography and great model!
I’m curious, do you use any color filters when shooting black and white film? I’m just starting out with film and need to learn from the pros!


Thanks… no filters… I have a red filter I used for some landscapes… but for portraits I haven’t used filters yet

The grain makes me feel excited. Great examples for me to learn how to use a standard lens. For the scene like this, do you have to measure the light carefully even for using BW films? If so, did you usually measure the hightlight on the model? Thank you!

Thanks… for the metering: I meter once at the beginning and then adapt the exposure according to the change in lighting. I only measure again if things change completely or I am in doubt about my settings. I measured f2 1/125 at the beginning and then adapted… if we were more in the shadows I used 1/60 or 1/30th… if the sun went stronger I went up to 1/250 or 1/500s… if the sun was directly on the skin I went up to 1/1000 or 1/2000… measuring light is sort of breaking up the dynamicity of shooting… and I like to keep things rolling. It normally works out fine…

You are insanely talented my friend. Another great set, and actually one of my favorites of yours in recent memory (although I’ve been enjoying all of them). It doesn’t help that Lucie is gorgeous 😉

I’m always looking for great places like this to shoot. Out of curiosity, does the Bed and Breakfast let you use the room for free or do you have to pay for it? I’ve only rented a hotel room once for a shoot and it was dammed expensive 🙂

On a side note, Tri-x and HC-110 has been my go to also…but I’ve heard great things about Rodinal and Xtol…perhaps I’ll have to try them!

Thanks Patrick, this one charges a fee for shooting… but it is still a fraction of what I would pay for renting a mediocre studio 🙂 ….some b&b let me shoot for free, some just charge for cleaning the room again, some offer it for free if I take some pictures for their web site…

What speed did you rate and develop the film?

Rated at 400 and developed in HC110 for 6 minutes with three inversions per minute… the rodinal images were developed with a dilution of 1:50 and 12 minutes.

Your blog has become something I look forward to every week! You always deliver the most beautiful pictures. Such an inspiration!

Jostein R.

Another superb set, Jan. I think if I had to choose I’d say I prefer your indoor b&b shoots compared to outdoors but that’s not saying I dislike your exterior work, only if I had to choose 🙂
Funnily enough I recently bought a bottle of Rodinal to try out this summer along with some other developers. The fun never ends with film.


Thanks Nasir… absolutely right – there are always new things to try or do! I have not been shooting indoors for some time.. so it was more exciting than if you do it every second week…

What a beautiful set again and what a beautiful light. The bed and breakfast offers you wonderful light. I can imagine that it must be your favorite spot to make these kind of images. Concerning this series I don’t have any favorites. I like them all What I notice is that it doesn’t make sense what kind of setting you choose. The bath tub or for example the mirror. The light is phenomenal and all the images are wonderful. Great work from Lucie and you again. Always a pleasure to look at.


in image #5 how are you metering here? at her face towards the camera? so curious as the gradations in tones are so soft yet direct sunglight is hitting her. #23 is my all time favorite image of yours. so stunning.

James – have a lok below – I say something about my metering “technique” there… without a spot meter I am a bit lost in these kind of situations… fortunately it worked out quite all right.

Great photos! Love your work.


Jan, you’ve really outdone yourself with this phenomenal set. Truly amazing work (still a few lines on the film from the F4, but nothing distracting… did you do anything different?)

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Andy… I haven’t changed anything..

Congrats Jan!
I realy love this set.

Thank you for sharing…
awesome pictures! 26 rules! 🙂

Wieso hast du keine Farbaufnahmen gemacht?
Sie hat doch so schöne rote Haare ?

SIe ist bildhübsch und die Ergebnisse sind wundervoll .
Das Sonnenlicht hast wunderbar eingesetzt .
Das Bild Nr. 23 ist für mich absoluter Favorit .

Danke… der Raum hatte einen eigenartigen Grünstich durch die Wandfarbe… da bin ich lieber bei s/w geblieben…. yep – 23 ist auch für mich ein “favorite” 🙂

Perfekt .
Von ihr bist du sehr angetan was :-DD

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