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micmojo photography

My name is Jan Scholz - originally from Hamburg, Germany - I live and work in Brussels, Belgium.

I started portrait and fashion photography in April 2006 as a spare time activity - as a creative counterweight to my job - and this is still the same today. After making my first steps digitally I soon moved forward - and now enjoy using large and bulky manual cameras loaded with film of various sizes.

I currently use 8x10", 4x5", medium format and 35mm cameras - mainly loaded with Fuji Acros, Kodak Tri-x or Polaroid film.

I develop my negatives using mainly Kodak HC110 and Rodinal developers. The images are scanned on either a Nikon V or an Epson V750 Scanner. I just started using and developing C41 Film myself - I mainly use Fuji 400H and the Kodak Portra series of films.


Jan Scholz
Avenue des Villas 55a Bruxelles B - 1060
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Models, Make-up Artists and Stylists: I am very happy to do tests if your work fits into my concept. Please send a mail with some pictures or a link to your portfolio.

Never hesitate to contact me for interesting projects!

Please note: Photography is a spare-time activity - I am not able to accept applications for jobs as assistants or stagiaires....

asleep at the wheel


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into the void


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out of the box


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here is no why


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the persistance of loss


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